We have special options of using EXMO for our Partners:
Сomplete the fast registration process to manage your personal account and use all the options of the platform.
Integrate crypto-payments into your system to work with payments in cryptocurrency using a simple API connection.
Оpen up the new opportunities for your users by adding a possibility of receiving and processing payments using cryptocurrencies.
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Cryptocurrency allows you to do your business in an easy and convenient way with customers all over the planet, using any device without any limitation.
Financial data of your customers is secure because using crypto transactions you don’t store payment information, moreover, there are no chargebacks, so your deals are also secured.
We do not charge commission fee for the exchanging and receiving payments. Commissions are charged only for transferring funds to the client.
Our partners in the EU can access funds in less than 24 hours compared with 72 hours of waiting by credit card.
Unlike fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies are decentralized, so they’re not influenced by any country’s political or economic circumstances.
Unlimited opportunities
low fees
fast transactions
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How can I get started?
Just complete a simple registration process with your email and you are ready to go. We require the information about your business or website for security reasons, and we may request certain documents for the verification purposes.
What is the API cryptocurrency payment?
How can I add the Bitcoin payment function to my website?
АPI is a special password that allows programs to access client’s cryptocurrency wallet. We have a usable API with a clear algorithm and the rates exchange update per minute. More information about EXMO API.
What is the maximum amount of requests from one IP address?
The maximum limit using API is180 requests allowed per minute.
Can I accept Bitcoin payments at my store, restaurant, etc.?
Sure! We have the solution for every desktop, tablet, and smartphone device.
Can we integrate both purchasing cryptocurrencies with fiat and purchasing fiat with crypto?
Yes, EXMO platform provides all the types of purchasing and trading.
How will I receive my withdrawals?
You can choose Bitcoins and get the payment into your Bitcoin wallet, or choose EUR and we will send the money to your bank account.
How fast will I get paid?
We process withdrawals every seven days. Once your account balance reaches the minimum set amount, we will send funds in Bitcoins to your BTC-wallet address or in Euro to the bank account.